Chris Richard Plaschy

I`m a MUSIC LOVER because:

music keeps me alive - and helps me to focus and calm down. Furthermore I get so much inspiration from music for other creative activities... No, seriously: Music helped me to SURvive in my youth because I've had crazy social integration issues then and thanks to playing music instruments in bands and orchestras this issue could be mitigated.

I’m looking for:

people who want to help that this open database around artistic interests will grow - by activating their creativity. This is about unpaid AND paid work, just tell me what your offer/proposal is and we let you know if we are interested to invest money in your contribution and/or post your work on our social media platforms.

I like to share the following additional highlights from my life:

I think that the Combination Concept Spiral Dynamics 9 Levels of Value Systems with Reiss Motivation Profile, understanding these 25 topics, enables us to understand the complexity of human beings far beyond the 80 % but in a simple way – DEI is not just about a specific group of people, DEI is also about YOUR uniqueness. We need this Combination Concept for the Digital Transformation where human beings and machines cooperate friendly.

Nationality: Switzerland

Understand the following languages: English, German

Likes: listen to music, play a music instrument

I like to listen to the following music instruments

Banjo, Bass guitar, Cello, Clarinet, Drums, Electric guitar, French horn, Guitar, Harp, Oboe, Piano, Saxophone, Spinet, Viola, Violin, Vocals

I play the following music instruments quite well

Bass guitar, Clarinet, Electric guitar, Guitar, Recorder

I play the following music instruments a bit

Keyboard, Piano

I like to listen to the following music styles

Classical, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Metal, Pop, Rock, Soul

I like to play the following music styles

Blues, Classical, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Improvisation, Jazz, Metal, Pop, Rock, Soul

I like to dance to the following music styles

I'm interested in country specific culture music

I like these additional artistic fields:


Christian Richard Plaschy
Oberallmendstrasse 22
6300 Zug
Birthdate: March 13, 1978
Gender: Male

Website Combination Concept 9 Levels Reiss
Consulting for Swiss customers
Support for singers: Guitar/piano player
I play many music instruments
Clarinet improvisation
My metal band experience 1
My metal band experience 2

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